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Grand Forks Public Schools currently holds a service contract with Valley Bus for providing transportation services across the district.

Our Bus Routes Serve the Following Schools:

Elementary School

  • Ben Franklin Elementary School
  • Century Elementary School
  • Discovery Elementary School
  • Kelly Elementary School
  • Lake Agassiz Elementary School
  • Viking Elementary School
  • Wilder Elementary School

Middle School

  • Schroeder Middle School
  • South Middle School 
  • Valley Middle School

High School

  • Grand Forks Central High School

We Offer Specialized Transportation Services:

In addition to our regular routes, we also provide Special Education transportation and transportation from the Grand Forks Air Force Base to Grand Forks Central High School.

Ensuring Your Child's Safety:

Your child's safety is our top priority. To help maintain a secure environment while traveling to and from school, we have established the following procedures for the school year:

  1. Transportation Request Form:
    • All students who utilize our regular route buses are required to have a Transportation Request Form on file.
  2. Registration Process:
    • Families interested in bus transportation should complete the request in PowerSchool during the registration process.

Please Note:

For Multi Lingual (ML) Learners busing inquiries, please contact Travis Thorvilson, principal at Winship Elementary School, at 701-746-2325.

Contact Information

Alli Hillebrand, Transportation Coordinator

701.746.2200, ext 7235

Valley Bus Service: